The traditional Up and Over door is as popular as ever and typically comes in two variants; with canopy lifting gear for restricted or limited headroom, or a retractable version. The latter gives us options to automate the opening and closing.


canopy door

This method uses a single canopy door mechanism that is enclosed within the door frame itself. This method doesn't require horizontal tracks or runners that go into the actual garage, so works better with restricted space. Once the door is opened it creates a canopy that partly extends outside of the garage, typically by around a third of the door size.



For single and double retractable doors, the system uses horizontal tracking that is located inside the garage. The door opens and slides along these tracks to take it back into the garage once fully opened. This method is particularly well suited to automation and is something that we frequently install.


Our sectional garage doors essentially slide upwards, with the individual section moving individually along set horizontal tracks. The tracks are suspended from the ceiling to save as much space as possible and provide more parking area. Sectional garage doors can be configured for either manual and automatic opening.



Roller doors open upwards vertically to create a discreet and compact roll above the garage entrance. This both saves space and looks both modern and has no intrusion into the overhead area of the garage. This type of garage can be automated of kept as manually operated.


A more traditional way of opening your entrance, this style of door is suitable for garages that have lots of footfall outside or if obstructions can cause an issue. They are ideal where other types are not appropriate due to external space.

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